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Thank you very much

Salaam iam so happy with the abaya that I don’t have words to express how much I liked the abaya thank you very very much

The best prayer mat

Delivery was pretty quick and I was gifted the prayer mat before and loved it. Hence the next purchase.


Amazing hijab, fabric similar to vela, and beautiful color!


Love the fabric and variety of colors😭🤍🤍🤍

Good hijab

It is a good hijab and I like it but it starts getting hole randomly and I didn’t wash it once

Jet Black Cotton Voile Hijab

Mermaid Jersey Hijab
shahana siddiqui

Pictures looks so good but actually it’s not good

i love these hijabs. wonderful fabric, one of my first hijabs and far easier to use than see through chiffon. the rumba red is a beautiful color and flattering to all skin tones including my paler one. love this, jazakAllah khair


One shrunk on the laundry and got short and I'm not happy about that. The second one is good, but I thought the quality was better.

Silver Cloud Cotton Voile Scarf Hijab

Just what I needed

I have been looking for a replacement of a cotton voile sarong that I have. It is my go to covering for taking a wee nap or when you need just one more layer when sleeping. It is a lovely evening shawl and all around helper when traveling. And of course a great hijab when visiting mosques. It is getting softer with washing and dries very quickly. I am very happy with the 5 that I bought!

love them

Fast shipping. amazing prayer rugs!

Cotton is light and washes well

I love these voile scarves. They are lightweight, drape beautifully and wash well. I don’t even iron them, just put them in the drier for a few minutes to get the creases out.

So beautiful

The size is perfect and the fabric is much much than AMAZING 🤩
I really love it and so happy I have it .
Thanks Modest Path

So amazing 🤩 Abaya

I have been looking for something like this and Alhamdollelah finally I found exactly my desire Abaya.
The fabric is so smooth and comfortable, no need to iron it and the size is perfect.
Thanks Modest Path ❤️

Latte Viscose Hijab
Nedah Manasrah
Would buy again

I like the material a lot but the color was not the same as in the photo I was disappointed by that , but I’m looking forward to when the viscose hijabs will be in stock again.


I love how fast my order was processed. And the hijab is made of good quality. Definitely will order from this company!

Rumba Red Jersey Hijab
Mimrah Hossain

Rumba Red Jersey Hijab

Good product

The color is more purple, but still a very beautiful color


Amazing quality and very beautiful color!

Delivery was fast...i liked the abaya ..it was same as in ths pic

Red Bud Viscose Scarf
Mariam Suri

I use to wear Vela Scarves but since I discovered these hijabs I loveee themmm. This color is a very bright rosey pink and it's perfect for spring!

Islamic Prayer Mat in Black with Lantern Arch Shaped

So comfortable, well-crafted, and inspiring that I bought a SECOND!

Ma sha' Allah--I received my first one of these as a gift at my shahada, and it quickly became my standard. It DOES need to be dry-cleaned, when it gets dirty--but I like it so much, I bought a second one to use while the first is being cleaned! Its light padding makes it comfortable, and the craftsmanship & design are wonderful--simple & clean. I like to focus on the singular line of the 'chain' connecting the lantern to the top of the arch while in ruku, and meditate on tawhid, or on Aṣ-Ṣirāṭ al-Mustaqīm. JazakumAllahu khairan!